In visual and plastic arts classes, students learn to develop creativity and develop a general personality. Students learn about color, design, perspective, and balance. The visual arts help students represent their thoughts and abilities and also help them explore while realizing original power and artistic abilities in creative ways.



Students discover the possibility of exploring, transforming, developing the ability to observe, to enjoy doing, to see opportunities even in mistakes. Appeal also to visual memory, imagination and thus be able to resignify and find one's own unique and special imprint of each one. Visual arts learning involves students creating and responding to works of art, drawing on the world as a source of ideas. Students engage with knowledge of the visual arts, develop skills, techniques, and processes, and use materials while exploring a variety of shapes, styles, and contexts.



Students examine and compare the work of artists from different cultural contexts, considering the contexts that influence their own work and that of others. They examine different techniques of artistic creation, investigate and compare how and why different techniques and the processes involved have evolved. In this way they create works of art through a process of research, critical thinking and experimentation with various techniques. Students apply observed techniques to their own work in development, experiment with different media and explore artistic creation techniques and develop concepts through processes based on different skills, techniques, and media.


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