During Y7 and Y8 we have the possibility of visiting the Escuela Nº 915 and Nº 11 in the Delta, in what is known as the third sector of San Fernando. There, we shared different challenges with the kindergarten and primary school children: we created an interactive playground, we organised the celebration of the 25th of May and created a mural together in the Art Week project based on learning more about the flora and fauna of the Argentine Delta.


During Y9 and Y10 we travel to the Chacabuco area, to share a three-day project with the Escuela Rural Nº9 and Nº6 of Cucha Cucha. This year we shared a day of team games and developed the My Radio project. For two days we worked on a communications workshop, held interviews around the town and taught concepts related to the radio profession.


During Y11 and Y12 we travel to Santiago del Estero together with the Fundación Haciendo Camino. It is an incredible experience where one gives body and soul to service and our students get to know and work at all the Haciendo Camino centres. This year it was a week of hard work in Añatuya; we built an office in Herrera, a clay oven for the mothers’ home, we prepared and gave talks on sexual health at the HC Centre together with the mothers who are in the programme, we prepared a Great Lentil Stew and Bingo event in the Tacañitas village and we finished with a Great Party Day for everyone in Añatuya. We cannot put into words all the learning this involved; it was really a life changing experience.


Relations with other institutions