We differentiate the learning journey of our students, offering them instances within projects in which they can make choices according to their interests.


From an early age, we empower our students to reflect upon their own learning, to self-assess their attitude and attainments; we guide them to identify their own strengths and areas of development: how to stretch their achievements; how to meet and exceed expectations. Some guiding questions would be: what is my objective? Where am I in relation to that objective? what can I do to meet it/exceed it?


One of the strengths of our pedagogical model in the Primary is that we have a robust support structure, called Learning Support Team (LST) which is conformed by experienced teachers, educational psychologists and psychologists who work alongside our teachers to enhance and deepen teaching and learning opportunities for all our pupils. Together they conform true collaborative teams that follow, assist, support, scaffold teaching and learning, differentiating processes, time, spaces and kinds of groupings.


Relations with other institutions