Exploring the inner journey

We believe in giving our students the chance to experience a journey of self discovery and self actualization while they learn. We should not believe that self discovery happens on its own.  This journey needs a specific place and time in the curriculum.


In a safe space with a particular “mystique”

The space needs to have a sine qua non requisite to function for this purpose: it needs to feel safe for the student. It also needs to be a vital space tainted with a sense of wonder around the mystery of self discovery. It becomes potentially life changing when we can charge it with an ethos that invites us to leave our comfort zone, to go were we have not yet gone before, to the unknown inside and outside of us. The space becomes epic when it serves us to explore in real time, to train ourselves to put yourself “out there”. Our fears, insecurities and also our talents, passion, etc.


Nature of our relationship with students

We do all of this through the quality of the close relationship we can establish with our students. Like the old pedagogues, “we walk beside” our students while they experience the walk of life.


SEIL as a safe arena

SEIL should function as a safe arena to practice in real time the process of dis-covering aspects of our BEING, dare to practice the process of BECOMING who we are, experiencing the challenges of BELONGING and the adventure of BESTOWING others and the world with our gifts.


Relations with other institutions