A group of Scottish settlers came from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Buenos Aires in 1825. They sailed on the Symmetry, across the ocean to a new land full of opportunities. Some of these settlers founded our school in 1838.

Since then, thousands of children have come through our school. Each day, we learn, we have fun, we grow and we experience new things. We uphold our school values: Integrity, respect and responsibility. We are proud member of our houses, Monteith, Fleming, Dodds and Brown. We sing our School Song and hold our hand up to our hearts.

We are celebrating 183 years of history. We reflect upon our rich past and our heritage, but focus on the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead of us.

We know that as our motto says “Sic itur ad astra” we aim for the stars; and remembering our school song, today we can say…St. Andrew’s you are our pride and joy!