Once again, two teams of avid mathematicians from years 10,11 and 12 took part in the IMMC competition recently. The teams of four, had five days to create their own solution to a challenging problem, plus record and write it up as a document. This year, the problem given was to derive a model (mathematical formula) to decide who is the greatest sportsperson ever. They started by looking at Tennis, then could choose their own sport and finally, explain how they could adapt their model for any potential sport. As with last year, the teams needed to work fully online which obviously added an extra difficulty to the competition. There are usually over 100 teams that compete from more than 70 countries and so we wish the following students the best with their submissions. We are very proud of their efforts and ability to overcome the conditions of working as a team online and you can find their solutions for you to look at and enjoy. The Maths Dept.
Team solution number ending in 23
Mateo Reda, Zoe Lubrano, Rafa Wraage, Kailani Farkas
Team solution number ending in 08
Matias Bonfanti, Gero Lauzan, Mateo Laperuta, Manu Rubacha

James Thomas
Head of Maths