The Middle School English department ended our 5th Book Bash, a project within the PBL frame to promote the students’ English skills and their understanding of their own learning processes and abilities through a variety of creative, team and independent activities, celebrating reading and the experience of the writing process.


Book Bash 2019 was a learning journey which began with the visit of a fun storyteller from the USA, who shared with us his stories of myths and legends from around the world. The project closed with Teacher Storytellers, enjoying the simple pleasure of telling, reading and representing stories to the students.

Year 7 and Year 8 classes had their Book Bash Exhibition on Friday July 5th, where Year 7 presented their Writer’s Portfolios and Stories of Heroes’ Journeys and Y8 showed their unique Dystopian communities and News Sites. 


We were proud to see our students sharing through a variety of media their discoveries about overcoming challenges, what a dystopian society is and what we can do to avoid becoming one, or discussing the role of communication in the News; a whole wealth of topics learned from stories.