During this past month, the Froggies carried out a Literature sequence of stories about the moon. We selected some books in which the main theme was the moon and we read them aloud.  


 The children enjoyed very much these stories and could find similarities and differences between them. We prepared different materials for them to play with, inviting them to explore the stories they already knew in a new way. They could dramatize and tell “A taste of the moon” with small animals, they could fly to the moon with the red bird in “Juanito y la luna”, they could wonder about why the moon changes its shape in “Papa, please get the moon for me”, and learn about the stages of the moon, and they could retell their favourite story to their friends and teachers.


 We invited the families to bring stories, poems or songs they knew about this subject and we listened to them. We also used the computer to find out things we wanted to know about the moon and we had them glued on a cardboard on our wall to remember them.

 Our sequence finished with a wonderful surprise: a group of parents came to tell and dramatize the story “A taste of the moon”. We had so much fun and learnt a lot throughout this experience!