During the past weekend (4th, 5th, 6th and 7th of April) 11 students from year 11 and 12 travelled as a delegation to the 6th Latin American Model of United Nations in Montevideo. An atmosphere of hard work, responsibility, flexibility, resilience, self-management was present during our stay.

St Andrew's Scots School delegation represented one of the countries participating in the United Nations conferences, where dress code and parliamentary language was respected and followed just as if it were a real UN conference, only this time, it was student led.

On this opportunity 9 student delegates represented The Netherlands in eight different fora, where international discussions on politics, economics, human rights, the environment, International Security and legislation took place. International Organizations such as “Doctors without Borders” were represented. And some of our students were actually moderating the discussions acting as Chairs in their forum.

The almost shy, quiet, and expectant students starting the trip, turned into confident, eloquent, immensely involved, highly debating and open minded students able to share ideas, convince others through either the writing of resolutions or their influential speeches.

It's been an enormous pleasure to lead and be around these students while they achieved this challenging goal of being delegates for a Nation. I could watch them develop confidence, strengthen their oral and written communication skills, find allies, identify “enemies”, produce written solutions to international conflicts and convince other nations to sign the resolutions that they wrote. Congratulations to all of them!

Samanta Caviezel