Our Innovation and Educational Technology team has the potential to transform and improve the SASS curriculum so students can achieve more and develop valuable skills with better outcomes. We thrive in generating new learning opportunities as students engage in digital environments focusing on personalized instruction, new collaboration models and a wide array of innovative, engaging learning strategies required to excel in the 21st century.


Teaching and learning has been vastly different to what we are used to. We have always known that we are preparing students for jobs that have not been created and that the workspace landspace will be radically transformed.


New learning paradigms need to constantly be implemented at each educational level as well as constantly professional development in the use of diverse technologies.


A technology roadmap and vision to move forward has been co-created to adapt our IT curriculum to equip students for a knowledge-based society. A strategic plan was created for each educational level defining improvements and future actions.


We promote a curriculum that empowers ideas from computer science, computational thinking, design thinking and engineering design while integrating relevant concepts and skills with other areas of the curriculum.


We want to highlight some of our favorite moments that show the spirit of our IT department focusing on inspiring creative and critical thinkers in the use of technology.



See our IT Creations 2020 video here

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