Annual Campaign for St. Andrew’s Initiatives

We wish to introduce you to the various programmes which are carried out annually at St. Andrew’s Scots School.

Through our Annual Fundraising Campaign, we seek to involve individuals and companies who wish to join us and help consolidate the various programmes which are fulfilled every year at St. Andrew’s with an aim to improve the quality of education at our school.

We invite you to join and be part of these initiatives which will doubtlessly benefit our educational community.

How to help

Listed below are the various possibilities to help with the annual initiatives at St. Andrew’s Scots School.

You can:

  • *Choose to accompany us with the project you wish to help us develop
  • *Make a contribution so that it can be applied to the project that St. Andrew’s School deems a priority.

Keep in mind that your donations are eligible to income tax deductions.

Professional Development Teacher training abroad at international seminars / school visits
Exchange trips Student attendance to schools abroad
Training and international competitions Student attendance to Olympiads and international programmes
Innovation Projects  
State of the art technology and software projects Purchase of licenses for the development of innovative projects in the classroom
Technology Creation of a Technology and Design Centre through the acquisition of 3D hardware and technology for the development of projects
To disseminate educational programmes generated at the school To share projects in a systematic way with other educational institutions
Spirituality Conference To cover expenses such as fares and accommodation for international speakers

Relations with other institutions