Asociación de Padres Escuela Escocesa San Andrés - APESA

About us


APESA is the association that serves as a nucleus for all parents of St. Andrew’s. We strive to be a fundamental part of the joint mission between parents and school to educate our children. Our work is centered around three main pillars: respect, dialogue and compromise.


APESA was founded in 1953 and is directed by a Board of twelve members, elected annually in an Assembly to which all parents of current students of St. Andrew’s are invited. At the same time, many parents and mothers participate in APESA without being members of the Board. Everyone willing to participate is welcome to play a role and join in the adventure of forming a proactive parent community.


We believe that by forming a diverse and active community, our children will learn the value of engaging in collective effort. Through shared experiences we are better able to solve future challenges. This is why we are inviting all parents of the St. Andrew’s community to collaborate with APESA by joining in one of our projects or initiatives.


Board of Directors- APESA 2022

President: Lucila Gilles
Vice President: Sebastián Raggio
Secretary: Jaime Martínez Tenreiro
Treasurer: Alejandra Knowles

Agustina Carril
Lucila Tiberio
Juliana Córdoba
Juana Santillán Braun
Alejandro Vegh
Basilio Polijronópulos



Relations with other institutions