Comunidad Ampliada San Andrés


In old times, the word CASA in Spanish defined a group of families with blood ties. In other words, when one spoke of CASA, one meant “a family of families”. Our Comunidad Ampliada San Andrés (CASA) is a family of families, a group of nonprofit organisations serving the country with the common purpose of the all-embracing instruction of people. We are linked together by shared values which we have managed to uphold along the years and have the commitment to continue making a contribution to Argentine society.



1825 - Iglesia Presbiteriana San Andrés


1838 - Escuela Escocesa San Andrés


1911 - Club San Andrés


1988 - Universidad de San Andrés


1998 - Fundación por el Desarrollo Comunitario San Andrés


2004 - Red San Andrés


2013 - Espacio Cultural San Andrés


2015 - Centro de Investigación Aplicada en Educación San Andrés






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