We see ourselves as a learning organisation that fosters lifelong learning for all, teachers, pupils and the community at large. Our priority is to encourage our young learners to develop their competencies, immersed in a robust bilingual environment.


The six competencies that we strive to develop, creativity, communication, critical thinking, character, collaboration and global and local citizenship, are embodied in attitudes, actions, behaviours that we model, teach and mentor so that they become visible, tangible and create a positive impact in our community, and deepens our the scope of learning.


We believe these competencies are developed and temper with time. For example, if we expect our year six students to be able to work collaboratively with others and to learn alongside others, we need to teach them from a young age to ask for and offer help, to work in teams and to accept and respect others’ ideas and contributions to a team objective, if we want them to develop their character, we then model empathy and stress their responsibility in everything they do.


Relations with other institutions