Campus San Andrés

Tradición y Futuro en un único lugar


The development of the masterplan for the new St. Andrew’s Scots School Campus is the result of several years of research and planning, and involves much more than designing more spacious, bright, modern, efficient or functional buildings.


The Campus San Andrés is a unique opportunity to think about spaces for learning based on a new model derived from the important changes in the educational paradigm, which affect education in a profound and very beneficial way. The current rules of the game in education are very different as a consequence of this being the first generation to have access to all accumulated human knowledge, with the consequent redefinition of the role of educators and a great impact on the physical environment where learning takes place.


Our Campus is inspired by this educational project and will benefit our students and staff by allowing us to consolidate our school in one place, helping to create a true educational community.


 We invite you to learn more about our project and Master Plan by visiting our website.


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