Paula Barberis - Strategic Planning & Special Projects Leader


She studied to be an English teacher at the Profesorado en Lengua Inglesa (UCA) and is a “Specialist in Education” (UdeSA). At present she is studying for the Diploma in Educational Transformation – DETE – at UDESA. 


She worked as a Secondary School teacher at Southern Cross School and at Colegio Marín, where she also implemented the International Baccalaureate programme, developed the CAS programme, internships, Learning Through Service and created an Integral Arts department.


She has worked as a consultant and introduced improvements in different schools, specialising in professional development and participates in congresses and conferences as a speaker, focussing on developing teachers as designers.


She started work at St. Andrew’s in 2015. She was Head of Secondary Visual Arts Department and in 2019 took over the role of Leader of Strategic Planning and Special Projects


Relations with other institutions