Marta Cordo - Legal Representative


Marta Cordo is a solicitor, barrister, teacher, and has studied Psychology and Educational Sciences. In the Communications field, she is an Organisational Coach and has Diplomas in Didactics and Neurosciences, among other specialisations.


She has taken part in congresses in Argentina, Latin America and Europe, as a participant and as a speaker. She worked as an Inspector for the Ministry of Education, and was named Chief Inspector for the province of Buenos Aires.  She was a consultant to the Dirección General de Cultura y Educación in the area of Dirección de Gestión Privada (Direction of Private Management). She is pedagogical consultant to EPEA (Establecimientos Privados Educativos Asociados), and Reciduca, as well as Legal Representative of the ACEESA (Asociación Civil Educativa Escocesa San Andrés) schools.  She teaches at Universidad de San Martín, Universidad de San Isidro, Universidad Austral, at teacher- training institutes, and participates in the Diploma on Inclusion in the city of Buenos Aires.


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