María Laura García Álvarez - Primary Deputy Head


María Laura has a degree in Educational Management (UNLAM), a Diploma in Science Teaching (FLACSO), and

is an english  teacher for primary and secondary schools, and technical english (UTN - National Technological University).


She took different courses at the Summer Institutes on Academic Diversity, Curry School of Education and the University

of Virginia (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA).


She published a note on "Assess taking diversity into account" - Revista Novedades Educativas, and spoke at UdeSA

about "A visit to a differentiated Classroom".


She worked at Oxford House College, London (UK) - teaching English to foreign teachers, and at Florida Day School

where she was Science Curriculum Coordinator in Primary School.


She began working at St. Andrew's in 2012 as a teacher, then she was also Primary Curriculum Coordinator, and since

2021 she has is Primary Deputy Head. 






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