María Chiara - Deputy Head Primary

She studied at the Colegio Nacional de Vicente López and later did her teacher training at the  Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Nº 39, specialising in Learning Difficulties.


In 2007 she finished her studies specialising in teaching Maths in Primary school. (Especialista Superior en Enseñanza de la Matemática para Nivel Primario) at Escuela de Capacitación CePA (Centro de Pedagogía de Anticipación) regulated by the Ministry for Education of the city of Buenos Aires.


In 2015 she furthered these studies, graduating from the Universidad Pedagógica (UNIPE), where she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics for Primary schools. (Enseñanza de la Matemática para Nivel Primario).


Since 2007 she is responsible for designing, organising and managing professional development activities for Maths and Spanish Language for St. Andrew’s  Primary school.


She cooperates with teacher teams for each year group and follows students’ personal and group processes with the objective of improving teaching and learning practices.


She stood in as vice-head of Primary Olivos, when the position was vacant, and as from 2019 took the post officially, when Primaries joined at Campus.



Relations with other institutions