Daniel Pueta - Physical Education & Health Director


He did his Secondary schooling at Colegio Nacional de Vicente López between 1970 and 1975 and English at the Liceo Cultural Británico.


In 1979 he began his teacher-training at the Instituto Nacional de Educación Física “Dr. Enrique Romero Brest”, graduating with honours in 1982.


He worked at Belgrano Day School as a gym teacher between 1980 and 1983 and started work at St. Andrew’s in 1984.


In 1991 he became Head of the Physical Education Department for Secondary and since 2001 he is Director of the sector.


He took part in many IRB (International Rugby Board) and URBA (Unión de Rugby de Buenos Aires) courses and took a post graduate course in Management Leadership at Universidad de Belgrano between 2002 and 2004.


In 2005 he formed part of the Development Team of the English Rugby Union for the promotion of rugby in state schools in the centre and north of that country, working and giving talks on Level 1 Rugby IRB at Loughborough University, England.


He has also been invited on several occasions by the ABS (Association of British Schools in Chile) to talk at different courses related to rugby and school organisation.


During his 30 years at our school, he has been on more than 40 national and international tours to United Kingdom, France, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay.




Relations with other institutions