Camila Vilcinska - Community & Outreach Director


Camila graduated from St. Andrew’s in 1996.


She discovered her social calling on a service trip to Tucumán, organized by our school. For the last 20 years she has dedicated her life to people and projects that try to change reality and improve other people’s lives.


She is a teacher and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. 


She worked for 7 years at St Mark’s school as a 1st form teacher, and for the last 12 years she has coordinated Red San Andrés, the social initiatives network shared by St. Andrew’s Scots School, UDESA and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.


Camila has also worked for Juan Bautista Alberdi scholarships for Universidad de San Andrés

and also is a teaching assistant there,  for the subject of Community Development.


Since 2015 she is Community & Outreach Director coordinating RedSA and San Fernando en Red. She is a member of the administrative Council of Fundación Quinta San Andrés and a member of the board of governors of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.

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