Ana Repila - Admissions Director


Ana is a former pupil, having graduated from St Andrew’s in 1992.


She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Universidad del Salvador (1998), and that same year started work at our school as an educational psychologist in the Olivos Primary School’s Learning Centre. She holds a postgraduate course from the University of Texas, in Austin, USA, and returned to our school as Olivos Kindergarden Learning Centre Coordinator.


As from 2004 she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, also from Universidad del Salvador, where she additionally lectured on the subject of Family.


At present she is the school’s Director of Admissions and works with children in private clinical practice, as well.


As from 2014 she holds a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology and Education, from Universidad Internacional de La Rioja in Spain and her dissertation “Lateralidad y rendimiento académico, su relación” (Laterality and academic performance, their relationship) has been reproduced by Paideia, an educational magazine published by the Universidad de Concepción, in Chile.


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