Welcome to St. Andrew’s Secondary - a vibrant, caring and high achieving bi-lingual school. Our community reflects on our history, our traditions and values, and at the same time develops our curriculum to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need in the 21st century.


We are proud of our academic achievements; our students consistently achieve highly in both IGCSE and IB Diploma examinations. However, there is so much more to the education we provide. We want our students to experience the excitement of discovering that they are capable of achieving more than they thought possible and we encourage them to embrace new opportunities and challenge, and support them in developing resilience and determination. We celebrate a musical performance as enthusiastically as a top IGCSE grade, community service as warmly as 40 points at IB and a beautiful painting as happily as gaining a place at a prestigious university.

Our focus is on learning and growth, be that academic, social, emotional or spiritual. Our extra-curricular programme is diverse with activities such as robotics, the Seekers, chess, taekwondo and Model United Nations. We have a flourishing programme of Creativity and Performance with art activities, choir, band and school plays in both the Middle and Senior Schools.


We are also a warm and supportive community. We live our values of respect, responsibility and integrity. Our Learning through Service programme enables our students to challenge themselves, step outside of their comfort zones and learn through working for others with projects such as Techo para mi País, partnerships with local schools and organizations within our immediate community and beyond.


Our students really are at the heart of all we do and we are very proud of them. We encourage student leadership and voice, and our Prefects, Student Council members and House Captains have a growing role in school development.


St. Andrew’s Secondary is a happy and thriving school with a unique identity and spirit. We are proud of our school, of being part of the St. Andrew’s community and we are continually striving to strengthen, grow and improve. We are a learning community in every sense and we look forward to welcoming you to school, be that as a student, parent, teacher or visitor.






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