An important component of the students' education is the Community Service programme.

A wide variety of projects are undertaken during the course of each year with the aim of providing support and practical help to those in need.


Three main residential activities take place with the Year 7 and 8 students working with a school in the nearby Delta, and the older students, Years 9 through 12, travelling and helping but also working with the people sharing different realities while uniting our diversity with the isolated communities in parts of Entre Ríos and Tucumán. Students distribute medicines, clothes and cleaning materials, they work in the schools and in the homes of the locals, and they conduct musical campfires, teaching workshops as well as learning different skills form their hosts. These experiences lay the foundations to lifelong commitment to service and caring for others.


Please read on for a vision from our Community Service staff members...


A Vision on Community Service


What do we understand today as Community Service at School? Where do we stand in the context of our social reality? Are we giving it our best or is only a fraction of our capabilities committed to serving others? Have there been changes lately? Maybe some of these questions are the same ones that keep popping up in your mind. Community Service has a substantial and distinctive characteristic that comes down to a basic fact: volunteers.


Unfortunately, we are used to witnessing how quantity eclipses quality in our day-to-day; quantity takes quality's place. However this is not the case in CS, the quantity and passion of students has grown remarkably. The spirit that lingers in C.S. confronts our reality in a practical way. Far from generating mere reactive aid actions, our programmes respond to a project that aims to counterattack this tendency. All three projects (Delta, Entre Ríos & Tucumán) conform three steps of an upward escalator to reach a horizon that many have forgotten. These three trips, that have been developing in time both passionately and successfully, have been and will continue to be complemented by a new programme that will periodically expose our students to the elderly and children by visiting their different "homes".


The different groups that have been working in Community Service have been nourished by the mix of students from 7 & 12 years. The age differences faded quickly in light of a mutual emotion.


Are we using all our potential or are we conscious that we still have plenty of energy in disuse?


To round up, we know that we are moving and we know that our volunteers are our potential and our treasure. Along with them, we are permanently trying to produce change, planting utopias and creating bridges to transform realities in our banner. The smile of a child or a senior citizen, the handshake or hug with a forgotten countryman are our aim.



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