The Primary curriculum integrates skills and disciplines to make learning meaningful, holistic, and engaging. Students are exposed to a variety of activities and challenges in both English and Spanish on a daily basis. Our school programmes encourage risk taking, problem solving, creativity, cooperative learning and independence, where at all times effort and opinion are valued. We consider the development of strong skills in Literacy and Numeracy to be of utmost importance. The Language Arts Programme involves listening, speaking, viewing, reading and writing. Math instruction instills skills in problem solving, reasoning and the ability to communicate in mathematical terms. The Social Studies Curriculum helps students get acquainted with a culturally diverse and democratic society. Learning in Science is accomplished through high interest and hands-on activities. All aspects of the curriculum stress student inquiry, critical and creative thinking, and the ability to become independent, lifelong learners. Our Primary School employs instructional specialists to work with students in the areas of Music, Drama, Physical Education, Media/Library and Art. Learners with special needs in education are catered for by a team of professionals who work closely with class teachers in diagnosing special remediation or enrichment needs and providing appropriate tuition. During and after school hours we offer Scottish dancing, gymnastics, choir and musical instruments as part of our extra-curriculum programme. At St. Andrew’s we encourage a spiritual and social awareness through close links with other institutions and we promote a safe school through the development of positive self-esteem, self-discipline and interpersonal relationships.




Relations with other institutions