Welcome to Primary School!  


Our children’s learning experiences during their Primary years are filled with wonder and discovery. We believe each child is unique and learns at his or her own pace, in his or her own way, thus our challenge as educators is to help them discover the joy in learning and scaffold their development in diverse ways, so they seek to explore their potential as learners. As we set their road maps, our children’s learning journeys intermingle through differentiated paths. We support them by creating a caring and nurturing environment in which each child feels motivated, challenged and is encouraged to grow and learn.


We offer our pupils an array of learning opportunities that aim to develop their awareness of themselves and the ones around them; that foster their sense of empathy for those next to them.  We pursue to enhance in them a positive attitude of respect towards themselves and others and an increasing autonomy and responsibility in everything they embrace. Through fun weekly activities, our children learn to reflect upon their own actions; to identify their own strengths and areas of development as students; to persevere when confronted with challenges and to collaborate with peers in team objectives.  


Through a robust bilingual curriculum, students discover the love for Literature as they uncover the work of accomplished authors who ignite their imagination and inspire them to read for pleasure, both in English and in Spanish, and to recreate pieces of writing identifying elements of genre and style. Interdisciplinary projects related to Social Studies foster their curiosity to learn and to inquire alongside others from an early age. Our pupils develop their communicative competence as they learn to share their learning and findings and gradually become mindful of multi-perspectives and multi-causality, increasing their appreciation of the world. 


In addition to developing their literacy skills in English and Spanish from the early years of Primary, our students engage in projects through which they gradually master mathematical reasoning in both languages. Throughout the different grades, they deepen their understanding of number sense, problem solving, operations and mathematical relations, learning to show and communicate their processes with clarity and to justify their answers, enhancing their critical thinking and resolution strategies. Through hands-on experiments they discover the wonders the world of Science has to offer and they learn to observe, hypothesise and question with depth.  


With a strong focus on outdoor learning we introduce students to global and local issues so that they gain awareness as responsible citizens of the world, taking in sustainable actions that will move them to care for the environment and become responsible agents of change for a better future. Academic projects become meaningful and gain purpose as students link their learning with the Sustainable Development Goals and experience first hand how to tend a vegetable garden, how to guard local native species of fauna and flora or lead a campaign as responsible consumers or the responsible use of natural resources, just to mention a few.


Through Physical Education, Art, Music, Singing, Drama and ubiquitous Technology we seek to strike a balance in an integrated approach that pursues our children’s wellness and health. We offer our students new windows to envision and deepen their learning through different manifestations of the Arts, play, sports, and recreational physical activities. These areas bring a touch of colour, rhythm, spontaneity and movement to their learning journey as children are encouraged to innovate and exercise their flexibility and curiosity in different fashions. They are reassured to stretch and explore; to develop their interests and passions; to create, to play and find joy in new challenges. 


Each developmental stage in the life of a child is important as it requires a loving and nurturing atmosphere for them to grow with a healthy self-image. During the Primary School years we aim to teach our kids that they are still becoming learners and even though there is much for them to learn yet, they should always pursue their dreams and strive to overcome challenges with effort and caring support. 





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