At St. Andrew’s art education is essential for students as a mean to develop critical and creative thinking and it improves performance in academic subjects not related to the arts, such as mathematics, science, literature, as it strengthens academic motivation, confidence themselves and the ability of students to communicate and cooperate effectively. Art experiences stimulate critical thinking, collaboration, and connect students to their own culture and to the rest of the world


The school has an extensive program of many subjects, both curricular and extracurricular, as well as workshops of choice at all levels (Kindergarten-Primary-Secondary).


One of the main objectives of art education at school is to ensure that the student's journey is continuous and consistent from K2 to Y12, and that students live a real learning experience, being protagonists of the educational process. Artistic curricular and extracurricular subjects and projects are centered on the student, so that they have a main role in decisions and can explore their creativity and develop a sense of belonging and collaborative work. In this way, the students show great enthusiasm for all artistic activities, something that is passed from generation to generation at St. Andrew’s, always with the desire to express, create and share, discovering talents, mentors and passions.




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