• Kindergarten 9/6/2021 12:48:59 PM

    Founders´Week at KInder

    At the Kindergarten we have been celebrating Founder's Week, with different activities that included a special narration of our school story, and making our own badges. On...
  • Kindergarten 8/30/2021 3:29:57 PM

    K2 - The train

    A few weeks ago, the children of k2 Ants began the sequence: "The train." They watched some videos on trains, talked about the use of the “Sube card”,...
  • Kindergarten 8/26/2021 1:43:34 PM

    José San Martín

    Our Seahorses researched José de San Martin’s life and learned different aspects of his career and work. Divided into small groups, they represented those moments...
  • Kindergarten 8/13/2021 1:24:04 PM

    Stories about the moon

    The Kittens love listening to stories. It fosters their imagination and deepens their fondness for Literature. Eric Carle´s “Papa please get the moon for me”...
  • Kindergarten 8/6/2021 5:07:03 PM

    Creating portraits

    The k4 tigers worked on an art sequence creating portraits. They were encouraged and motivated to observe their faces thoroughly, paying great attention to all its parts...
  • Kindergarten 7/8/2021 10:20:29 AM

    Visiting the vegetable garden

    Last week the Sharks visited the School´s vegetable garden. They enjoyed learning about the processes that nature generates, being active participants of its care,...
  • Kindergarten 7/2/2021 9:38:16 AM

    Conmemorando el Día de la Bandera

    Los Bears aprendieron sobre la vida e ideas de su creador. Miramos un video que contaba sobre la vida de Manuel Belgrano y luego conversamos sobre lo importante que es nuestra...
  • Kindergarten 6/30/2021 2:26:46 PM

    Ballon stamping!

    The Ponies have been stamping with different elements such as corks, bottle tops, coffee capsules and sponges. On this occasion, we used balloons and they were very excited! We...
  • Kindergarten 6/23/2021 9:28:22 AM


    During these past months, the Butterflies have been learning skills to foster their independence and autonomy at home. Now that we were able to come back to school, they...
  • Kindergarten 6/18/2021 9:51:17 AM

    Welcome Back Kinder!

    Estamos tan felices de volver a reencontranos! Nuevamente compartiremos actividades, juegos, aventuras y mucho más!