• Kindergarten 12/15/2023 10:15:09 AM

    K5 Graduation

    Congratulations to all for becoming such bright and independent children! See you next year, amazing things are waiting for you!!!
  • Kindergarten 11/15/2023 12:28:19 PM

    We are explorers!

    The Bees continued to discover the jungle and the different animals that live in it through play and exploration of our Campus, this time going out to the green spaces that...
  • Kindergarten 11/10/2023 1:36:35 PM

    K5 disfrutó de un Day Camp!

    Por la mañana armaron las carpas, y participaron de distintos juegos muy entretenidos! Compartieron un riquísimo almuerzo bajo los árboles, para luego...
  • Kindergarten 10/27/2023 9:09:36 AM

    Lending library

    El hábito y el gusto por la lectura no suceden en un instante, son necesarios muchos encuentros para motivar y alimentar el deseo de leer. Cuando los niños...
  • Kindergarten 10/11/2023 10:43:06 AM

    Art Sequence

    The Ponies have been working on an art sequence in which they observed different landscapes and their colour pallets so as to create their own usingdifferent materials and...
  • Kindergarten 10/5/2023 1:15:40 PM

    Veterinarians & Pets

    The Ducklings investigated about veterinarians and pets, and used all the new information they learnt to dramatize a pet shop ???????? They also had the opportunity to interview...
  • Kindergarten 9/20/2023 1:31:26 PM

    K4 Concert "Friendship is a treasure"

    This concert is based on the dramatic play unit "The Pirates," one of the children's favourite units. They worked collaboratively and with great enthusiasm...
  • Kindergarten 9/19/2023 9:31:40 AM

    K5 Concert - "Monster Talent Show"

    The 5-year-olds' concert “Monster talent show” was based on the literary sequence "The Monster Library." After reading several monster-themed stories,...
  • Kindergarten 9/5/2023 12:48:48 PM

    Reconociendo los nombres

    Los Bunnies estuvieron trabajando el reconocimiento y copia del nombre propio con diferentes propósitos. Comenzaron con el reconocimiento del nombre en los momentos...
  • Kindergarten 8/28/2023 2:24:19 PM

    Math Activities

    In our magical “fishing corner”, the Kittens not only caught colorful fish, but also valuable math activities! Each cast of the fishing rod became an exciting...