The Froggies have been working on a sequence of dramatic play based on the story ”Three Little Pigs”. After reading the story several times, the froggies  made a list of all the things they  were going to need to play and got hands on to prepare everything.

First, they went for a walk outside in the  search of  straw and wood to make  the houses. Then, they  selected the colours they liked  and painted the houses. Finally they stuck the straw and sticks on the houses. They prepared their costumes  by decorating  and painting the ears  of pigs and wolves. They  also thought of ideas to transform the  classroom into a forest. Finally, they had the opportunity to dramatize their  favourite characters and change roles during the game while they  played all together. 

It was a great experience, not only they had fun and learnt a lot, but  were also able to be actively involved at all times, making decisions regarding their own learning process.