The  Autumn Earth Day Inter-House Competition is finished and we are glad to say that we received lots of great productions. We are very proud of all who have dedicated so much effort and creativity.

We would also like to congratulate the House Captains for encouraging their teams and inspiring them to participate with such enthusiasm.

Having enjoyed and reviewed all of the challenges, the results are as follows:

1st position- BROWN

740 points
Extra points were awarded to 5 outstanding responses; Rocio Manzano’ song, Valentina Alvarez de Malde’s family video, Violeta Camdessus' piece of art, Montsi Menendez’ cherrie plant, and Franco Santamaria´s strawberry plant. 

Brown uploaded almost a hundred excellent productions covering most of the challenges, and we would like them to know that their recipes are now included in several of our staff‘s Cooking Recipe Books.

2nd position DODDS

272 points

Extra points were awarded to Francisco Groba for his productions, which were particularly interesting because he chose challenges that no one else did, but also for his interesting math challenge. Also, thanks to Dodds for your great culinary ideas!

3rd position FLEMING

142 points

Extra points were awarded for several recipes that were delicious, and also the cookies of Zimmerman’s family, Antonia Gavito’s vegetable garden and Catalina Rodriguez Arias´ presentation. Finally, well done for your presentations about pollution around the world!

4th position MONTEITH

114 points

EXTRA POINTS were awarded for Mia Davison’s vegetable garden and Male’s Chater family video including Simon Chater!! Thanks for your contribution with delicious healthy recipes too! 

Congratulations to all!!!