This year we had a very special Graduation with our moving and gathering of the 3 Kindergartens (Olivos, Punta Chica and Campus). Miss Vicky talked to the graduates and families about the accomplishments and discoveries that were shared throughout the year at Kinder and the experience of gathering together.

During the morning “Sharks”, “Dolphins” and “Penguins” had their ceremony and in the afternoon “Sea Horses”, “Sea Turtles” and “Crabs”, led by Mr. Oski and his Pipe. The graduates danced “Kinder was awesome, here we come 1st Grade”. Then one of each group were called onstage to receive their diplomas and hug their teacher’s goodbye. They walked to the front part of the stage, to take a picture together showing proudly the diploma. 

Later on, our Headmaster, Sebastian Rubens y Rojo, spoke about the exciting changes we had in the new building and thanked the families for their support, patience and commitment shown by everybody to make the change so successful. 

A video done by kindergarten staff was shared and the children had fun while watching everybody involved. This was a memorable moment for everyone, especially the graduates as their parents sang "A Million Dreams" holding a drawing with their children’s class animal. 

During the afternoon ceremony Miss Maggie Morgan was recognized because of her 25 years of work at St. Andrew’s, her expertise and hard work. Her family members were there to celebrate with her and listen to the beautiful remembrance Miss Vicky dedicated to her. 

The event ended with a picnic where great times were remembered. Everyone will be missed and we wish them the very best!