Every Friday we get together with the K5 children to learn about robotics. We started talking about how robots work, how they move, if they talk, what are they made off, if they can get wet, how do they function amongst other interesting questions.

We also discovered that robots don’t have a brain for them to think on their own, therefore they receive orders. So we introduced the concept of “algorithm”; which is a list of steps that you can follow to finish a task. We played different games, like “Simon Says” or “On-Off”, where if I showed them a green circle they could move, and if a showed them the red circle they had to “turn off” like a robot.

All these different activities and conversations, helped the children understand how robots work. So now we are ready to start the process of coding. But first we will do this in an “unplugged” way, using our bodies and different commands to move.

The children are enjoying this workshop very much!