This year, our Y10 students had to come up with an original good or service to be used in a household.

They first had to conduct a market research and analyze the results, then they had to craft a marketing mix including a prototype and a short video to be advertised on social media.

They also had to estimate the sales revenue according to census data and the results of their surveys, and finally they had to figure out all the costs involved in the production and distribution of the product so as to calculate the potential profits.

The seven finalist teams did an outstanding job presenting and defending their work in front of a panel of judges. We were once again very happily surprised to see the level of commitment and creativity shown by all of our students.

Congratulations to all, and especially to the winning project: Splash Deco!

Alfonso Balaguer, Francisco Lutteral, Martin Cassels and Cristina Goutmann

Link to presentation of winning team: