Adapted by Anne Hopwood from the Disney-Pixar movie “Brave” and codirected by Anne Hopwood and Oscar Llóbenes, it tells the story of Princess Merida -a flame-haired Scottish girl who is startled by a request from Queen Elinor to choose among three possible husbands chosen by her clan.

Merida flees into the forest, where she finds the cottage of the witches, who pose as woodcarvers. She begs for a magic spell that will change Queen Elinor's mind. The magic potion prepared by the Crow changes more than that: It turns Elinor into a bear.

Luckily, the magic spell can be undone. Merida has exactly two days to reverse the charm. With the help of her three small sisters -the “terrible triplets”- the family works together to solve their problems and they grow closer than ever.
Led by the Wisps, Mother and Daughter go back to the witches’ cottage where the Crow helps them to break the spell. They go back to the castle changed, having learned a valuable lesson.

In the end, they all understand that each one must find their own voice and make it heard…and follow their hearts to write their own story!

This concert was once again an example of team spirit. A beautiful set designed and built by Ma. Elena Earnshaw, piano and percussion by Facundo Pesci, Scottish dancing choreography by Sabrina Seguí and the support and help of parents and staff made this production a success.

This was a very special, emotional show. A Scottish story for our 180th Anniversary. The last Concert in our Olivos Primary Hall. A magical place full of memories, where generations of St. Andrew’s children have found their voice!!!