The Bears enjoyed learning about “Entre Bollos” Bakery. They visited the shop and learnt about the different delicious products you can buy there. The owner received the children and gave them a tour of the bake shop with explanations of the ovens and machinery. But the highlight of the day was at the end when the Bears were given some “Chipá” to eat. Parents were invited to cook in the classroom “alfajores” and the drama centre became a Bakery with many props to play with.

The Bunnies learnt about the supermarket in the classroom and a lot of new vocabulary playing mix-and-match games. They made plans to prepare a cake, so, tehy wrote a shopping list with ingredients to make this delicious cake. During the visit they learnt about the different sections of the supermarket and at the end they approached the cashier at the check-out counter to pay for their groceries.