On Friday, June the 15th  we held our third  Economics Challenge with all of our Y12 Economics students.
The goal of having a day fully dedicated to Economics is twofold.

Firstly, taking into consideration that at this time of the year many students are deciding what career to choose after they graduate, we want them to have a clear picture of what economists do. This is the reason why we have invited  economist Andres Borenstein , who shared with our students his experience as an economist working in very different fields (Chief Economic Advisor for the UK consulate in Argentina, Economics journalist for Clarin and Chief Economist for the Bank BTG Pactual, among others).  Towards the end of the talk, our students asked questions ranging from what an economist does when he/she works for the Government, to how economists can estimate the future value of the dollar. The level of engagement of our students was remarkable. 

Secondly, the Economics Challenge  has the purpose of placing the students in a situation where they have to act as economic consultants: they are asked to analyze the macroeconomic challenges facing a given country, and to provide some advice . So right after Andres Borenstein left,  our students took part in a team competition game . They were assigned a country, and during the remainder of the morning they had to think of different policies that could be adopted to solve a given macroeconomic  issue.  Their answers were assessed by the teachers during lunchtime, and in the afternoon the finalists had to present -and defend- their solutions in front of a panel of judges.

This was a great opportunity for our students  to do some research, to work collaboratively, to analyze to what extent the macroeconomic policies learned in class can be  applied to a country -which implies taking into account many of the variables affecting this country.

At the end of the day,  our students were  rather tired ,but excited about what they had learned from Andres, and proud of the results of their hard work.

Cristina Goutmann
Head of Business and Economics Department