During the cook and play workshop we have started to think on different ways of eating. Basically, having into consideration all the food that is good for our health and body.
The children were exposed to different kinds of food which were sorted out according to healthy and unhealthy. They learnt that fruits and vegetables are very helpful indeed for our bodies. They also learnt that some grow in trees and others in soil. They also played games with cards and we used different food from the Drama Centre.
We prepared peach and orange juice smoothie as well as banana.
We made frozen fruit pops where each child had to chose the fruits they liked and had to put them in a plastic glass and then in the middle an ice cream stick. Once it was finished we took it to the freezer.
Last week we made bitter chocolate ice cream and we super enjoyed it. Everybody wanted more helpings!!!
Children can learn a variety of subjects whilst cooking: science, maths,language and a wide vocabulary.
The best part is when things are ready and we taste them!!!
We hope you enjoy some of the photos as much as we enjoyed preparing and eating them!!!