Four Y12 Business IB groups participated in a simulation activity directed by UdeSA´s Head of Business Administration career Lic. Claudio Darín, and by Milagros Montell,  his Academic Coordinator.
In small groups representing competing firms in the alfajor industry, students engaged in strategic decision making including stock management, cash flow forecasting, capital investment, debt level and corporate social responsibility issues. 
This simulation consisted of several rounds. At the end of each round the groups could assess the outcome of their decisions and make  adjustments. Claudio on Wednesday, and Milagros on Friday made sure to provide timely guidance to the teams  so that they could analyze the shortcomings of their decisions and redress their course of action.
It is worth mentioning that our students were randomly assigned to a team so as to better replicate a real-life setting where a manager needs to quickly adjust to the group of professionals assigned to his/her project. 
At the end of the activity, our students had a few minutes left, so they had an informal talk with Claudio and Milagros in which they asked about the different  careers offered at UdeSA.
As in previous UdeSA simulation sessions, our students have shown a remarkable and sustained level of engagement and enthusiasm, that kept them hooked to their computers for three consecutive hours. 
Business & Economics Department