The Head Boy and Head Girl were invited to this ceremony, they spoke about the importance and responsibility of being leaders.

Miss Moira reflected about the  natural qualities of a monitor: being kind, helpful, polite, respectful and collaborative - qualities that show integrity and are examples to others.
House captains were also announced and Miss Moira congratulated them for their performance, commitment, effort in sports. Loni Echagüe, Primary P.E. Head, handed out the House badges.

Miss Moira also showed the children a presentation to make them remember safety rules in the School.
The children sang " A Million Dreams", led by Mr. Oscar and the Assembly came to an end with the School song.

We wish all our new leaders the best!


6 A
Bruno Dellagogna
Margarita Blasco
 6 B
Félix Curia
Celeste Navarrane 

Bruno Dellagogna
Franca Bresciani


 Felipe Beyer Lestayo
Juana Ibáñez Arrebillaga

Félix Curia
Carmela Molinari Cattarossi

Antonio Ruas
Giulia Maniotti