It's been a long ride. For many students and their families, this past Saturday 9th marked the end of their schooling at St. Andrew's Scots School, after more than 12 years.
Down this path they experienced almost everything, and this night all the memories rush to their heads, as they look at each other, as they listen to the graduation speeches and as they realize that this moment is one of the best in their lives. 
"Be brave and follow your passion", yet "be humble, and know that what goes around comes around". Paraphrasing some of the speeches of the night allows us to gain an insight into what's in store for this graduating Class of 2017, a path full of opportunities and also challenges, a chance to face their inner selves, and the knowledge that they can count on friends and family.
In the end, the strengths of our graduating class lie in their ability to make the most out of all the opportunities they have had, as shown by their achievements celebrated in the end of year ceremonies, excelling in so many areas of school life. 
After the closing ceremony, and speeches from our Headmaster Gabriel Rshaid, teacher Connie Bellocq and a parent of the graduating class, FJ Gould, our graduates were treated to a dinner with their parents and school staff. It was a great chance to talk to them, and know their plans, and also an opportunity to toast to their past, their present and their future.
We thank you and we wish the best for you!

Alejandro Solernó
Head Y12