Our 5 year old graduation is always a very special event. Children come dressed in casual clothing and with great expectations as they are receiving their diploma and ready to move on to 1st. Grade!

Miss Vicky addressed the children, remembering their path through Kinder and how much they have grown, then she called each child to receive their diploma.

The children then sang a lovely song called “Do I make you proud?” to the whole audience. Parents and teachers were both touched by the words and the way they sang as they did so beautifully.

After that we all watched a video that the teachers’ had prepared for them where we all had a fun watching the kinder staff dancing, and finally the Tigers, Pandas and Whales parents sang to their children up on stage.

This year we celebrated a very special person who worked with us for 25 years: Mari Goitea.

It was a very emotional and caring ceremony!