In the Puppies Class we have been working with the Art sequence: "Let´s draw", in which we offered different tools to the children in order to help them improve their fine motor and graphic representation skills  . Little by little they were able to begin drawing and making their first representations.

During these weeks the children drew with their finger over trays of sand. They also drew with chalk, first on the floor and then on paper. Finally, they drew with oil crayons and markers. In every activity the objective was to draw something of interest, the kids were all very enthusiastic and began drawing human figures, houses, hearts, balls, etc. At first, their drawings were simple and after some weeks they added more complex details to their productions.
These art activities are important for the children´s development as it allows them to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills, and also contributes to increase their self-esteem.
Find displayed below a couple of pictures taken during these activities. We hope you really enjoy them.