The IMMC, or in other words, the International Mathematical Modelling Contest, is not what many people would think it is: another very complicated math competition. The IMMC is different, because it did not only gather students from all corners of the world to compete against each other, but actually for the sake of doing what we love doing the most, which is having fun while solving maths! But to really describe what the competition is, let us begin from the very first day...
It all began in mid March, when one of our maths teachers, Mark, sent us an email asking if we wanted to participate in the competition. Without really knowing what this was, four different students from different year groups agreed, and that was how the team was formed: Tomy Popowsky. from Y9, Simon Lhez as well from Y9, Andy Amaya from Y10 and Andy Eskenazi from Y12. A week afterwards we met, at least to get to know each other, and have a panorama of what we had to do. Mark explained… We would be given, in a few weeks time, a maths problem in which we would have 5 days, from Monday to Friday, to design an algorithm to solve it! Seems fair enough. 
But fast - forwards to Monday April 24… the day the problem arrived, the clock began to tick... The problem: if people from every corner of the world had to meet in a conference, how could we design an algorithm that would choose a conference place such that the jetlag was reduced in average from each and every particant! Alright...
At first, in our first few meetings in the Learner Space, ideas were abundant, but yet not really adequate to compose a solution! We really did not know much about jetlag... So we divided ourselves into tasks, and used mighty google to find our answers. Gratefully, as time went by, Simon began to propose some very interesting new ideas, to which Tomy added important details, and Andy A confirmed that everything was going well with his own twists and turns. And on Wednesday of that very same week, all the data was given to Andy E, in order to make the mathematics come true and produce our algorithm!
This has been of course a very exhausting contest, but the satisfaction we had after writing our 22 page long essay was immeasurable, especially when we handed it in late on Friday night! But the fun was yet not over...
To our surprise, in mid June, the results were released... And with that, an invitation letter from the IMMC saying we had won the Meritious prize and that we had to present our solution at Harvard! When all this began, we really did not know there was a prize included! It was for the sake of fun with maths! But it is good to get rewarded for some very hard work!
So on August 3, after lots of even more additional work and practice required for the trip, we embarked on another adventure! We were really lucky to have visited MIT, Harvard, and all of beautiful Boston, while being accompanied by the teams from Russia, South Korea and USA who were really good people! The people from IMMC have been tremendously nice to us, hosting delicious meals and preparing amazing surprises! Certainly a one of a kind opportunity! And although each one of us did feel very nervous before speaking, it has been perhaps the best presentation we have ever done in our lives!
We would like to thank the IMMC for this opportunity that has been certainly unique! And to our school too,especially Mark for all of hisinspiration, and of course James for having accompanied us, taking care of us, and for his amazing support and help! The IMMC, a different maths competition, right?

The IMMC Team