On Wednesday, July the 5th  we held our second  Economics Challenge with all of our Y12 Economics students. We started off the morning with the visit of economist Andres Borenstein, who shared with our students his experience as an economist working in very different fields (Chief Economic Advisor for the UK consulate in Argentina, Economics journalist for Clarin and Chief Economist for a Brazilian Bank, among others).  
Then our students participated in a team competition game . They were assigned a country facing a specific macroeconomic problem, and during the remainder of the morning they had to think of different policies that could be adopted to solve this  issue.  Their answers were assessed by the teachers during lunchtime, and in the afternoon the finalists had to present -and defend- their solutions in front of a panel of judges.
Andres Borenstein`s talk was engaging in more than one way. For one thing, his words made a profound impact in some  of our students , who decided to contact him afterwards to ask for his advice regarding their career choices. For another,  it was the perfect trigger for our students to become fully committed to the competition game that followed.
At the end of the afternoon, many students approached their teachers  to express  that they had enjoyed having a day  fully dedicated to Economics.
Cristina Goutmann
Head of Econimics Department