Romina Porcelli and Silvina Dietch were presenters at ESSARP “Best Practice Day” hosted by Northlands School. They presented the project “Our Sandpit” which was done by them and by Tomas Albisu and  Miss Wendy, to a group of Kindergarten teachers and Headmistresses. Through pictures of the different stages of the project, they explained and inspired other teachers to follow their children’s interests and make learning meaningful for young learners. The project involved the construction of a sandpit in the high jump track of the field, which was barely used. The children worked together to re-design the area, deciding themselves every step of the project. They were helped by Y 10 students and a mother, who is an architect, who helped them measure the sandpit and shared lots of ideas.

The project ended with the inauguration day which was shared with people of many sectors of the school. The event was covered by SASS radio and ended up with parents and children playing together in the new sandpit.

Congratulations Romina and Silvina!