June 8th saw the presentation of the Senior School Play 2017 "Views From the Bridge". Months of hard work and long rehearsals finally came to fruition as the cast and crew of 130+ students took to the stage over four nights.

The piece, which was described by many of the audience as more a complete piece of art than just a play stretched the students to their creative and artistic limits. By doing so they moved their friends and families greatly who were sitting in the audience.

This year a very demanding drama was chosen as the play text, a tragedy by Arthur Miller, and the original text was used throughout. To pull out the themes and ideas of the play with greater clarity for an audience in 2017 the production included an original musical leitmotif and modern dance drama choreography. At the end of each evening there were many tears appearing in the eyes of those watching and many others left speechless and in awe at the power of the production.

This was testamount to the courage and commitment that these 130 young artists put in to creating this monumental piece of performance art. 

Oliver Proctor