One of the ambitions of maths educators is to provide students with authentic mathematical experiences.  This year St Andrew’s Scots School was proud to submit the Argentine entry in the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge (IM2C).  This aim of the IM2C is to promote the teaching of mathematical modeling and applications.  Students from all over the world work in teams of four on a specific problem.  This year the challenge was to create an algorithm to determine where the best location to hold an international conference in order to minimise the jetlag of the participants.  The team had five days to produce a report outlining their model, assumptions and results.


We have just received the exciting news that our team’s entry was judged to be meritorious and the team  of Andrés Eskenazi (Year 12), Andrés Amaya (Year 10), Tomás Popowsky and Simón Lhez (both Year 9) have been invited to present their solution at the  IM2C Awards Banquet at Harvard University in August this year.  We congratulate the students on this outstanding achievement.  This will be an incredible experience for the students at one of the world’s most prestigious centres of learning.


Mark Robson

IM2C team supervisor and Maths Enrichment Project Leader