Last week saw the inaugural Environmental Awareness Week at St. Andrew’s Scots’ School. The week was a great success and saw students from around the school partaking in activities promoting environmental awareness. Year Eight travelled to Puerto Madero to assess how the area had changed from being an abandoned port area to being a thriving business and port area.
Years Nine and Eleven created innovative SASS Talks (our version of TED Talks) centered around themes of migration and how it has affected the environment. Students performed to a very high standard and their work was streamed live to parents via You Tube. Don’t worry if you missed it, they can be found at the links below. Special thanks to Jonny Olmos and Sofia Sengenberger for their help in making this fantastic event happen!
Luckily these themes dovetailed nicely into the School Play ‘A View From a Bridge’ and Year Eleven students were primed to share their message during the play’s interval by engaging the audience in conversation. Students from Denise Bussio’s class even included an essay into the play’s programme and designed the front cover.
Daniel Warner - Head of Geography
"How airline migration affects the environment case studies on Dubai (Emirates) and Atlanta (Delta)" 
(Christopher Vujacic, Sebastián Benaderet, Tadeo Soldo Palomares)

"Life cycle of an Iphone and internal migration in China" 
(Pedro Huidobro, Augusto Sobrero and Maia Kahl) 

"Migration to Qatar a Daubai"
(Mora Barrientos, Delfina Kweller, Benicio Garcia Oliver, Santiago Leonetti y Francisco Calo)
"Migration to Bs. As. from Perú, Paraguay, Bolivia and northern Argentina"
(Juana Lanusse, Victoria Obregon, Joaquìn Basile y Joaquín Vanderusten)
"Dirty Cities" 
(Mar Cabanellas, Malena Leporati, Tomás Fontana y Marín Attas)