On Tuesday May 23rd, we hosted the first Australia Educa Fair in our Learner Space. Representatives from 10 top ranked Australian institutions came to talk about the exciting educational opportunities available in Australia, and give us a tantalising taste of Australia and its culture: through music,video and - literally - at a food tasting stand. The event, which was very well attended, by our own students and many visiting from neighbouring bilingual schools (Lincoln, Northlands, St John's, St Catherine's Moorlands, and Northbridge), had been declared an event of Educational Interest by both the Argentine National Government and City of Buenos Aires Government.
Whilst Australia might not be the the first country that springs to mind for those students who have their sights set on studying abroad, without doubt, many left the event inspired by what they had heard about the Australian university experience: about the prestige and variety of the courses on offer; the reasonable tuition and living costs; work opportunities; the simplicity of application; and, of course, the attractiveness of the Australian lifestyle.  
For further information you might be interested in reading this article, published in La Nación: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/2023602-australia-la-tierra-prometida-para-trabajar-estudiar-y-viajar, or contact Andrew Cobb, for a