Every Monday we enjoy starting the week together. After a peaceful nap, we brush our teeth and get ready to enjoy our cooking activities. We even made our own aprons to do so!  We have already experienced with play dough, and we prepared different types of bread to take home.
The children were very proud to share with their family what they had cooked at school. While they cook, they exercise following steps in a recipe, measuring and counting to get the amount of ingredients needed. They use their hands and experience different textures according to the ingredients used, understanding how mixing and baking can change one thing into another. At the same time, they practise their patience while they wait for the bread to be cooked.

After having a snack and playing in the playground, they get in the mood for Yoga and Mindfulness classes. During this month we have been focusing on our breath by putting our hands on our tummy to feel how it moves when we breathe, we then replaced our hands with a stuffed animal and rock it to the rhythm of our breath.
The children are super interested in learning new yoga poses, achieving a calm state of mind and controlling their breath by blowing a feather in the direction they want. They are eager to learn, and as soon as they enter the classroom they take their shoes off and sit down on their yoga mats to learn something new.
We know this will be a great year to have fun and learn together.